The Power of the Hathor in Your Web Browser

A new way to spend HTR and interact with custom tokens inside web apps.

Core Features


HTR and any custom token globally and instantly with zero fees for lifetime users.


Use your wallet as a cryptographic login process on future Dapps built with HathorPay. Own your own keys.

Upcoming Integrations


Trustless communities for HTR or custom token holders.


Deploy custom token airdrops with ease.

Hathor WooCheckout

Pay with HTR via any WooCommerce shop.


Swap custom tokens. Provide liquidity. View live data.

Why Trust Payments on Hathor Network?

1. Protected by Bitcoin

Each transaction is validated via PoW. Hathor inherits Bitcoin's protection and security via merged mining.

2. Globally Accessible

It doesn't matter where you are as long as you have an internet signal and a browser. Wallet balances are accessible anywhere.

3. Zero Network Fees

When interacting with the Hathor Network, there are no network fees. This gives power back to the people for local P2P commerce.

4. Instant Transactions

No more waiting the time it takes to make a coffee to send/receive simple transactions. Transactions are instantaneous with Hathor.

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How to Buy HTR Token

1. Create Crypto Exchange Account

Create an exchange account on either of these trusted crypto exchanges.

2. Prepare Your BTC or ETH to Buy HTR

Send some BTC or ETH to your wallets on the exchange you opened an account with.

3. Sell BTC or ETH for some HTR Tokens

In a few clicks, sell your BTC or ETH into the right token so you can buy some HTR tokens.

4. Withdraw to your HathorPay wallet

Create your HathorPay wallet and withdraw your exchange funds to it instantly.

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